Rescue 1122 tackles over 640 emergencies in November


The district’s emergency service Rescue 1122 sharing its monthly performance report said on Thursday it provided first aid to about 643 patients during various emergencies over the last month under the leadership of District Emergency Officer Muhammad Faheem, said its spokesman. The rescue emergency teams promptly tackled all these emergencies and the emergency response time was recorded at 7.00 minutes.

Giving details, the spokesman said the rescue service responded to different kinds of emergencies during November which include 553 medical, 66 road traffic accidents, 10 fire eruptions, 11 bullet injuries or fights and three recoveries. During these emergencies, a total of 643 injured were provided with first aid and subsequently shifted to hospitals. He said a total of 13,056 calls were received by the emergency service, but 6,324 of them were irrelevant.

During this period, Rescue 1122 handled a total of 30 referral-related emergencies, in which 11 patients shifted within the district. In 19 emergency cases, 30 patients were taken from one district to another district during November.