Police step up action against criminals, anti-social elements


District Police Officer Hafizabad Rai Mazhar Iqbal said that police have arrested 188 accused during a crackdown on keeping illicit arms and 25 accused including 8 dacoits gangs wand recovered booty of Worth Rs.16 million from accused during last three months.

While addressing a press conference at his office, DPO told that district police was arrested 188 accused and registered 187 cases in different police stations of the district whereas police recovered 4 illegal Kalashnikovs, 111 pistols, 16 guns, 19 raffles, 4 repeaters, and 4 carbines from accused. Police also recovered more than Rs.32 lakh cash, 23 motorbikes, 19 cattle, a truck, gold ornaments, mobile phones and other items from possession of accused.

DPO distributed Rs.30 lakh cash, cattle, motorcycles, a truck, gold ornaments and mobile phones among original owners of recovered booty. He said that more than 104 cases of heinous crimes were registered in different police stations of the district and accused were involved in dacoity, highway robbery, cattle lifting and streets crimes for long time in the district.

He said that police was engaged to overcome crimes in the district and after affective action against criminals including arrest of Tasawari, Asoo, Deeli, Nawazo, Hasnoo, Usmani, Imdadi, Zaheeri gangs, the people of the district took sigh of relief.