Rescue 1122 releases Eid Emergency Plan


Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) has released Eid Emergency Plan to deal with any emergent situation during Eid holidays.

In this connection, leaves of Rescue staff have also been cancelled and di-rected them to remain available round the clock for emergency call.

District Emergency Officer (DEO) En-gineer Ehtisham Wahla said here Sat-urday that rescue staff along with am-bulances would remain present around major Eid congregations and it would provide quick response in case of any emergency.

He said that 33 temporary rescue posts were established across the district where 39 ambulances would remain present to deal with emergent situation during holidays of Eidul Fitr 2022.

The volunteers who had completed their rescue training from Punjab Emergency Service were also called to perform rescue duty during Eid days, he added.

He further said that staff of Rescue Control Room would also remain alert 24 hour to take prompt action after re-ceiving emergency calls. In this con-nection, control room would also mon-itor all rescue operations through call recording software, vehicle tracking system and IP cameras.

He said that the entire rescue staff was directed to perform their duties vigi-lantly as no negligence, lethargy or de-linquency would be tolerated at all, he added.

He also appealed to the general public to control their children from one-wheeling, bathing in canals and resort-ing to jubilant firing on the eve of Eid as these activities were dangerous and might cause any untoward incident.