1,559 complaints of expats resolved in 11 weeks


Commissioner Overseas Pakistanis Com-mission Punjab Syed Khadim Abbas has said that 1,559 complaints of Overseas Pakistanis have been resolved in 11 weeks. He said that OPC Punjab was a purely ser-vice-providing organisation and its main objective was to facilitate the expats all over the world. In this regard, joint efforts of the departments concerned were uti-lised to solve the expats problems.

He ex-pressed these views while presiding over a weekly performance meeting at OPC Pun-jab another day.

Earlier, all the dealing officers presented their weekly perfor-mance report in the meeting.

The meeting was informed that a total of 1,559 com-plaints of overseas Pakistanis had been resolved during the last 11 weeks. While most of the complaints were related to the Revenue, Police, Prosecution Departments and land mafia.

The commissioner also reviewed the resolved complaints with their ID numbers and appreciated the per-formance of the dealing officers.

He di-rected the officers to highlight the perfor-mance related activities of OPC Punjab on social media more effectively so that over-seas Pakistanis feel that there is an institu-tion to solve their problem.