Report on impact of Covid-19 on transgenders launched


Staff Reporter


To highlight the emerging and growing socio-economic consequences and impacts of COVID-19 on transgender community, first provincial level research report was launched by Blue Veins, Peshawar based Non-Governmental Organization in collaboration with TransAction (Provincial Alliance of Transgender Community).
According to a press release issued here on Monday, publishing organizations and the researcher hopes that the findings will help government and non-government stakeholders and service providers to take into consideration the vulnerabilities of transgender community while devising the humanitarian responses and service.
Transgender persons continue to experience discrimination from service providers and staff across the social protection and health care settings and social security safety nets – this leaves them more impoverished and more vulnerable in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Farzana Jan, President TransAction Alliance said Existing socio-economic marginalization and health conditions mean more trans-persons living in a state of invisible multi-dimensional vulnerability and compromised health.
“The stigma and structural discrimination make transgender people more vulnerable and reluctant to disclose their socio-economic status and get help. It is vitally important that we gather evidence on the consequences to develop responsive strategies to combat the challenges”.

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