Remains of ‘female vampire’ found in Po-land


The remains of a “female vampire” have been found in a village in Poland pinned by a sickle across her throat, reported First News.

Her toe was found padlocked so she could not “return from the dead”. The skeleton was discovered at a 17th-century cemetery during archaeological work.

A silk cap was also found with the remains of the skeleton which means she held a high social status.

The team leader of the project said the body was buried in an unusual form. He said that in older times people buried bodies sometimes by burning them, cutting their limbs, or smashing them with a stone when they did not want them to return from the dead.

The sickle, he said, was purposefully placed on the neck so that if the body tried getting up, the head would cut off. The padlock on the left foot suggested the same..—AP


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