Relief fund for Afghanistan


THE Government of Pakistan has taken yet another practical measure to help mitigate sufferings of Afghan people, who are facing enormous economic hardships these days.

It has announced the institution of “Afghanistan Relief Fund” for receiving donations from both domestic and international donors to help the war-ravaged country in a bid to avert a humanitarian crisis.

The Pakistan Government was already instrumental in efforts not just to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan but also persuade the members of the international community to do so in view of pressing needs of the war-torn country.

However, establishment of the Fund is a significant move in that it would enable individuals and institutions to channelize their donations in a coordinated manner.

The Fund would receive donations from both domestic, international donors and contributions from abroad, which will be received at all the branches of the designated banks.

In other foreign countries, contributions will also be received at Pakistan Missions and remitted to the State Bank of Pakistan, which would prescribe the necessary procedure for their accounting.

There is an urgent need for financial and economic assistance for Afghan people and hopefully, individual and institutional philanthropists as well as overseas Pakistanis would come forward in a big way to collect and contribute donations for the purpose.

Traditionally, Zakat is paid in Ramzan but in view of the delicate situation in Afghanistan, people can also contribute their Zakat donations for this cause in advance.


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