The PML-N narratives | By Naveed Aman Khan


The PML-N narratives

ABOUT the outcome of 2018 elections, the PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif has repeatedly said with a right strategy worked out by the party that Mian Nawaz Sharif could have become prime minister for the fourth time if PML- N political narrative had been cool and compromising.

Now Shehbaz Sharif has given very strong impression that the PML-N Supremo is in favour of a grand dialogue for the greater interest of the country and the nation.

Absolutely True. Undoubtedly, it’s right political approach. Serious problems confronting the country will persist without such an approach as it is beyond the capacity of the inexperienced PTI leadership to grapple with them.

Unfortunately, for the sensible solution of gigantic issues and better future of Pakistan the PTI government’s doors have never been seen wide open for fruitful talks with the opposition.

The PML-N has been the main opposition party after the 2018 elections. Three-time former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is its supreme leader and real decision-maker.

After being held convicted and disqualified by the court, he has been living in London for the last two years on medical grounds.

With his consent and blessings, his younger brother Shehbaz Sharif is the party President. But Shehbaz Sharif is just a titular head like the President of Pakistan. Powerlessness is the commonality between the two.

Since assuming new office of the new Spymaster General Nadeem Anjum, Nawaz Sharif has been very conscious, careful and calm.

He is just feeling the pulse. Appointment of the new Army Chief or another extension for General Qamar Javed Bajwa is also on the cards of the PML-N Supremo.

If next parliamentary election is manipulated and shadowed with the help of EVMs who will believe in such a victory of PTI.

Will Such results not repeat history of anarchic 1977? Earlier this year the PTI secured 26 seats in AJK elections with six lac votes, while PML-N got six seats with five lac votes.

Does this proportion of seats and votes make any sense? The results of AJK, Sialkot and Lahore NA-133 elections have started pouring out before holding of local government and parliamentary elections.

Earlier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, disputed Shehbaz Sharif’s statement that a better strategy for 2018 elections could have embraced another opportunity to Nawaz Sharif to serve as country’s chief executive.

Post 2018 parliamentary elections to rescue the country and the nation the PML- N Supremo Nawaz Sharif has also not come up with passion. Nawaz Sharif doesn’t want to destabilise already failed and unpopular PTI government.

He wants to give complete five years to PTI so that it could not raise hue and cry in future. This approach of the PML-N Supremo’s has politically benefited him but left the masses helpless.

He is giving complete chance to the PTI leadership to meet maximum unpopularity and shattered before going to next local government and parliamentary elections.

Nawaz Sharif also doesn’t want to give impression that he is desperate to seek favour of establishment to topple the PTI government and come in power for a fourth time.

Though in our country it is impossible to get power without involvement of the establishment, yet we are talking about the impression only.

Will the struggle of PML-N be for just to win some seats or it is willing to get rid of the prevailing political situation? Many in the party believe that non-Sharifs can be given any office but not the leadership. Undoubtedly, Nawaz Sharif is a political phenomenon.

So is Nawaz’s political legacy Maryam Nawaz. Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz talk of resistance and confrontation while Shehbaz Sharif emphasises the need for conciliation. Both the conflicting narratives are being propagated simultaneously.

Nawaz Sharif’s resolve to get rid of the situation, ostensibly, means that the struggle against the establishment will continue ahead.

Violators of the Constitution are none but those who have been interfering in the matters of the elected governments on various occasions.

After three years of PTI rule little flexibility for the Sharifs in the attitude of the establishment is felt but it doesn’t suit Imran Khan.

It’s an open secret that the Sharifs could enter politics and rise to important positions with the blessings of the establishment. They know better than anyone else the role this patronage plays in politics.

Some statements of PML-N leadership are certainly embarrassing for Shehbaz Sharif and raise questions about the limits of the PML-N President to devise or explain the party policy.

He is such a party head who doesn’t know the party policy and has to look towards Nawaz Sharif or Maryam Nawaz to seek guidance on every matter.

With the passage of time there is growing realization among the PML-N leaders that relations with the establishment should be normalized without any further delay.

They are convinced that any mistake on this front would seal the fate of the party in next parliamentary elections and beyond.

So far there is little headway on this front, nor Shehbaz Sharif feels embarrassed when he is unable to explain the party policy on certain issues.

He doesn’t step down as party President because such a step would mean offering the mantle to someone out of the Sharif family.

The PML-N leadership will have to resolve differences with the Establishment well in time before the next parliamentary elections, otherwise they may have to tolerate some other options after the next elections. Collective wisdom and efforts to make Pakistan self-reliant is the need of the time.

In case we fail to do this even after 74 years of the country’s existence our future generations will never forgive us. If Pakistan is to gain glory, everyone will have to rise above personal likes and dislikes.

—The writer, based in Islamabad, is book ambassador, columnist and author of several books.

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