Relationship of Pakistan and Turkey


Syed Shakeel Gillani

Relationship with Turkey is based on decades, Turkey not always supported the cause of Keshmir issues but also tried to unite the Muslim Ummah.
On July 12th about the Coup attempt made by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) on July 15, 2016 was viewed by the Pakistanis at the event taken place at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Complex Lahore.
Event was organized in Lahore by the Turkish Consulate and Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) Lahore Turkish Cultural Center where the Consul General Emir Ozbay, Punjab Information Minister Samsam Bukhari, Management and Professional Development Minister Sayed Hussein Jahanian Gardezi, Pakistan’s former Ambassador in Ankara Shokat Haroon,Rashid Mansur Honorary Consul Genreal of Turkey, Hacý Bayram Veli University Dean, of the Faculty of Communication. Prof. Dr. Zakir Avþar and high-level bureaucrats and representatives of foreign missions attended the event.
Mr Emir Ozbay tributed the martayred of Turkey on the ocassion of commemoration said that every country has the history of major milestones,the landmark 15th July in Turkey where the soldiers, policemen and citizens who participated in the coup attempt to make it fail and the Turkish Armed Forces, The brave Turkish nation who stood against the coup attempt. In fact “Fetullah Gulen and the organization was behind this coup.We have seen the end of all nefarious activities made by the terrorists and proceedings taken after the coup attempt that these organizations have worked to seize Turkey since the 1970s. Said by Turkish Consul Genreal.
The FETÖ entered into different sectors such as education, charity, trade, media and banking in order to achive target, to get money and human resources especially through donations and school Works “Turkish people have maintained democracy at the expense of their lives” They sacrficed their lives and made the coup attempt fail.
On the ocassion Professor Dr. Avsar also stated that he was in Ankara on the evening of 15 July and said: “A few days ago we could not have believed that our own troops would shoot us, they would be the part of a coup, they hit our council, our symbolic structures, our strategic points, our own planes and helicopters Turkish citizen would not cross this. President Rajab Tayab Erdoðan, who understood that the incident was an coup attempt, called the commanders and politicians who were not in favour of coup, were appered to the television and explained that they were against the coup. emphasised that the Turkish people lost a lot in the past coups, “One more interested thing that our people were in the streets to cripple the violation as interrupt the democracy of our people with this coup attemptour. people were together to protect democracy and not allow the disaster scenario of FETÖ, a betrayal network rooted outside and prevented it. Our people maintained democracy at the expense of their lives that night, “he said.
Feton not only in the attempted coup in Turkey but also the Muslims and the Islamic perception of the threat Dr. Avsar Underlining that it is an organization, “this structure using religion to serve their own interests, apparently claiming that education and charities, NGOs mainly an organization is an organization that we understand on the night of July 15th. It can never be ignored.
This organization, which wants to make a coup in a country whose democracy is rooted and then targets Turkish democracy with lies and slander, serves to Islamophobic thoughts by creating the image that democracy cannot be a democracy in selected Muslim countries and that it cannot manage elected people”he said.
Feton, Avsar also stressed that a threat to the country where “Turkey is with reference to these structures in many countries have opened schools and established domain around is their specialty to train people in these countries to serve their own hidden purposes, to use people against their own countries, to train them as robots. In this sense, this organization is a global threat. We are demanding to see especially Muslim countries with this organization against Turkish democracy. Muslim Collaboration is essential to avoid such kind of incidents and interruption in democracy in the Islamic world.
During the event short films about July 15 were shown to the distinguest guests and adorable audience as an factual evidence to visulise the scenes and calamaties had taken place in thwart coup attempt. The efforts of staff of Turkish Cultural Centre Lahore was appricated by the Director TCCL Mr Ulaº Ertaº and Turkish Consul Genreal Mr Emir Ozbay and Honorary Consul General in Pakistan Mr Rashid Mansur.