LAC organizes ‘Shaam e Raqs’


Staff Reporter

Lahore Arts Council (LAC) organized “Shaam e Raqs’ at Alhamra Hall 2 here on Wednesday.
According to LAC spokesperson, students of alhamra academy Karam Rafique Ahmed, Maliha Chaudhary, Aeba Chaudhary, Danyal, Zohaib Hassan, Heba, Hena Sheikh and other young artists performed sufi, kathak, fusion dance, damal and Rag Meeg.
LAC Excutive Director Ather Ali Khan said that the programme of “Shaam e Raqs” was organized to enhance the skill of youth and help them gain self confidence.
He said Alhamra academy arts was training youth in twelve different geners of arts. In this evening, young artists presented raqs on Iqbal and Amir Khusro poetry. Amir Khusro was a sufi mystic and a spiritual disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ather Ali Khan explained his vision towards the cultural activities at Alhamra saying, “We arranged this evening for the students of Alhamra Academy of performing arts to exhibit their talent.
The most informative and important aspects of alhamra was to provide a rich cultural environment to our young and amateur artists and students who has just begun learning arts professionally.
Moreover, a delegation of 32 students from 17 different countries, which includes Poland, Egypt, Australia, Turkey, France, Spain, Bangladesh and their faculty visited Alhamra Art Centre here on Wednesday.
Executive Director Alhamra, Ather Ali Khan greeted the delegation. According to spokesperson, the students were informed about the facilities existing at Alhamra Art Centre and were given a brief introduction about the culture and traditional aspects of Pakistan. The students acknowledged the efforts of the council and share their remarks about the work done at Alhamra is outstanding.