‘Relationship among voter, media and state is well established in Azerbaijan’


Observer Report


“Electoral practice and electoral legislation of Azerbaijan allow for fair and transparent elections”, professor of Turkish Bilkent University Bulent Mehmet Chapli told secki-2020.az at the seminar when he gave a lecture on the “Media coverage of elections: Standards of European Council” topic in Baku.
The Turkish professor stressed that the election administration in Azerbaijan has taken all necessary measures for media to cover the election process within the law: “This is a very important issue, because media provides voters with information that they need to make a decision – support one or other candidate. From this perspective, free and transparent activity of media is important. It is gratifying to see the sensitive approach of state bodies in this issue, especially the proper communication between voters, media and the state.”
Based on his observations, Chapli mentioned that the February 9 parliamentary elections will be held in accordance with the democratic principles: “I am confident that voters would be able to express their will freely.”

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