Relates inflation to Mafias of PTI Ghani says Sindh will give surprise on resignation issue


Observer Report

Sindh Education and Labour Minister Saeed Ghani has said that Sindh will give a surprise on the issue of resignations of assemblies.
“We are not competing with the PTI because they are not political at all. Urdu speakers now have to think about who is straightening their potatoes by playing with their emotions.”
He expressed these views during a press conference held at his camp office on Sunday after leaders of various political parties, social organizations and people from various walks of life on joined the PPP.
PPP District East President Iqbal Sandh, PSP Provincial Vice President Saleem Ahmed Chandio, former All Pakistan Muslim League Karachi Division President Muhammad Kamal Mughal, MQM Joint UC in-charge Raza Hussain, PML-N Rana Mohammad Irfan, Rajput community leader Ali Hassan Rao, renowned educator and social leader Abdul Majeed Abdani, Javed Badhani, MQM sector in-charge Gulistan Johar Waleed Raza and others were also present at the occasion.
He said after making Sheikh Rashid the Home Minister, it has been proved what is the importance of this government now. Imran Khan himself had raised his hand and prayed that Allah Almighty would not make him a great politician like Sheikh Rashid. Perhaps his prayer has been accepted.
The reason for the rise in prices in this country is the mafias and these mafias are the ATMs of PTI. The way the PDM movement is gaining momentum, it is not far off that Imran Khan’s Jagadris will start fleeing the country just as fast.
“We are resigning to oust them.” The minister said that the participation of a large number of officials and workers of various political and social organizations in the PPP on a daily basis is a testament to the popularity of the PPP.
“I welcome all these participants on behalf of myself and the top leadership of the party and hope that their participation will strengthen the PPP, which is already the only other nationwide political party,” he said. Saeed Ghani said that everyone in Karachi is aware of the tactics that are always used to defeat the PPP in elections.
He said that PPP is still the most popular political party in Karachi. Responding to questions from journalists on the occasion, Saeed Ghani said that the MQM leaders who were threatening DC Central were actually trying to straighten their ways by playing with the emotions of Urdu speakers. He said that DC Central has taken action against the corruption in this DMC Central which has a large number of MQM voters and Urdu speakers. He said that during the tenure of the former chairman of DMC Central, 16,000 tons of garbage was collected and 15 to 20 million were used for it.