Rehmani condemns India’s obnoxious behaviour with Kashmiris



The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League (JKPFL), Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has strongly condemned maltreatment by the Indian government and the prison authorities with the Bar President, Mian Abdul Quyoom and his associates.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in a statement issued in Islamabad said that Mian Abdul Quyoom, Muhammad Ashraf Butt and Nazir Ahmad Ronga lodged in the Agra Jail in India, were suffering from several diseases and thousands of youth languishing in various Indian jails and police interrogation centres for the last many months in the wake of 5th August 2019 episode.
The detained Kashmiri leaders and political activists, non political youth, students and members of business community are facing 3rd degree treatment in revengeful and unhygienic prison conditions while their families are subjected to daily harassments and warnings of dire consequences of serious nature, he noted.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani expressed sorrow over the world and regional authorities for their apathy towards Kashmir’s adverse conditions when they know how the people of the forgotten territory were treated following the repeal of Kashmir’s special status and its division into two union territories by the Indian government.
He said a rapidly brewing situation which could explode any time in future to the surprise of other states in the region and global organizations should not be underestimated. He said, the political squeezing and psychological torturing by the Delhi rulers of the people and their political or religious leaders is total and unquestionable and space for any dissent remains shut for fear of reprisals against the families.
Most sorrowfully, he added, the UN or any other regional organization neither intervenes nor facilitates dialogue between the stakeholders and Kashmiri leaders are not given an opportunity or encouraged to talk with the world on the future of their political destiny. He said, the thrusting of the status quo has only given free hand to India to impose its solution by aggression on the Kashmiri people.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani rejected the guided visit of some foreign diplomats but welcomed questions raised by the European Union, which described Indian offer to visit the Valley as guided one.— KMS

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