Reform commission expels around 4,500 members of security forces


Latifullah Hakimi, head of a commission charged with bringing reform to the Islamic Emirate security forces, said Monday that the commission has ex-pelled around 4,500 members.

After a six-month effort to bring reforms, the com-mission is expected to merge with a security com-mission comprised of officials from the Ministry of Defense, Interior and the Intelligence department.

At least 135 persons of the expelled forces were underaged.

“We expelled all those who had criminal cases in the past. After this, the security commission will work on this section,” Hakimi told at conference.

Hakimi further said that the Ministry of Defense (MoD) has registered all military equipment, includ-ing heavy and light weapons and helicopters.

Meanwhile, the commander of the border forces, Shir Mohammad Sharif, at the same conference said tensions over the Durand Line are not serious, but that the Islamic Emirate will not officially recognize the Durand Line.

“We have a commitment with neighbors and the world, we will try to solve such cases via diplomacy and never want to clash with our neighbors,” said Shir Mohammad Sharif.

This comes as tensions over the Durand Line in-creased in recent days.


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