Brother of former police commander says he was tortured in Khost


A brother of a police commander in the former gov-ernment claimed that he was detained and tortured by Islamic Emirate forces in Khost province.

Norrullah, brother of Habibullah Abshar, the former commander of a police special unit in Khost prov-ince, said he was asked to bring his brother to the 3rd police district of Khost city, where he–Norrullah–was tortured for a week.

“They closed my eyes and beat me, released me by guarantee for four days,” said Norrullah.

Norrullah said that he has now been released by his guarantee. “They told me to find the car and that person for four days. Tomorrow is the fourth day, the God knows, what they will do with me,” he added.

He has urged the local tribal elders to address this issue.

“In my life, I saw eleven governments, everybody had worked in the governments previously. So, the amnesty was announced and we want it to be im-plemented,” said Mohammad Jan, an elder.

Meanwhile, the security commander of Khost prov-ince, Mahboob Shah Qanet, said that he is not aware about the detention of the person.

Despite the issue of a general amnesty by the Is-lamic Emirate’s leadership, reports of detention, torture and even killings of former militaries and their relatives have been reported across Afghani-stan.—Tolonews


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