Recognition should be via intl consensus: Outgoing Pakistan Ambassador



The outgoing ambassador of Pakistan in Kabul, Mansoor Ahmad, said that the recognition of the Islamic Emirate needs to take place through consensus with neighboring countries and the international community.

In an interview with TOLOnews’ Hamid Bahraam, the Pakistan ambassador, said that the key to the recognition of the Afghan caretaker government is in Afghanistan.

“Recognition of Afghan government needs to take place through a consensus, involving Afghanistan’s neighbors, involving Afghanistan’s region, involving the larger international community. So I think, it is- it is– the thinking in Pakistan, it is the understanding in Pakistan, it is Pakistan’s policy that this—these matters of engagement with Afghanistan move forward through coordination within the region, among the neighbors…,” he said.

The Pakistan ambassador urged the Islamic Emirate to not allow the presence of terrorist groups including the “Tahrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP).”

Ahmad Khan said that Pakistan is not trying to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs but the formation of an inclusive government, education, human rights and countering terrorism is the responsibility of the current Afghan government.

“You know this has to move forward in accordance with—since the issues relating to whether it is an inclusive political framework. There is—Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country. Afghanistan has diverse political forces. How these forces are engaging with each other in terms of having a stable political system. Similarly, there are areas of human rights, girls’ education. There are areas of counter-terrorism. So I think, the Afghan interim government remain engaged within Afghanistan, as well as with the international community on these issues and that is why, I think, that is the process I believe,” Ahmad Khan said.

“I think the issue of the recognition of the Islamic Emirate by the international community is relative to a general decision that the powerful countries make,” said Barna Salehi, a political analyst.—Tolonews

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