Receptor binding domain (spike protein) test launched at LGH

Staff Reporter

A receptor binding domain (Spike Protein) test has been launched at the Lahore General Hospital, state-of-the-art Central Research Lab to test the effects of the corona vaccine on the human body and its resistance to disease.

For which purpose World Health Organization, in collaboration with the Government has provided latest machine to undertake 4 tests of jeans.

The required kits have also been provided for this research work with special funds provided by Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar and Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid.

Principal Ameer Uddin Medical College and Lahore General Hospital Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-fareed Zafar has told that as a result of this research work, it would be evaluated that how many more doses of the vaccine are required/essential to develop immunity in the human body against the virus.

Research Director of Central Lab of LGH Dr. Ghazala Ruby (PhD), MS Dr. Abdul Razzaq, Dr. Amna Asif, Dr. Irfan Malik, Dr. Abdul Aziz and others were also present.

Principal Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that PGMI is the first public sector institution in the country to realize this need and launch this important mission while maintaining the tradition of innovation and research on the effects of Corona Vaccine has also been initiated.

He added that it would also enhance the knowledge nad experience of young doctors regarding the disease.

Explaining the details of PCR tests, Dr. Ghazala Ruby said that we are generating a detailed report and it would determined that the virus how much affected the patients, so now let’s look at the four effects on human genes in this research work and on the basis of which the doctor are very enthusiastic in treating/handling of corona patients.

He added that nothing is more important than human life so the present Government has issued clear instructions in this regard that whatever funds will be required for the prevention of Corona virus and protection of the lives of people suffering from this disease would be provided at any cost.

Principal PGMI also urged the doctors, nurses and paramedics not to spare any effort for the best care of the patients and to benefit the patients from the facilities provided by the Government.

Talking to the media Principal PGMI has said that the corona epidemic has spread in its new form in Pakistan as well as all over the world.

He added that the Government has taken a very commendable step by launching a vaccination campaign against Corona well in time which will improve the current situation.

Prof. Al-freed said that it is the responsibility of all of us individually and collectively to convey the slogan of “Corona is an epidemic and precaution is a cure”.

There is a responsibility for which the media and health professionals should play their positive role in this regard, Principal said.

He further said that conscious nations are not afraid of challenges but with their positive behavior they are able to change difficult situations very quickly.

Responding to a question, Principal PGMI said that the people should take full advantage of the vaccination campaign launched by the Government as well as ensure existing SOPs in homes and public places.

He said that vaccines were already being provided to the elderly on a priority basis as they were at higher risk of contracting the disease.

Prof. Al-freed Zafar claimed that like the past two waves of corona in Pakistan and we will again successful to meet minimum loss in this spell.