Recapitulating Imran’s vision


Asad Hussain

ALL eyes were on Imran Khan for his maiden speech at the forum of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on 27 September. Imran Khan, no doubt, represented his charisma through his fearless and sure-footed speech before the world leaders. His facial gestures and body language produced shockwaves of anxiety for our foes sitting there and this calculated kick was enough for everyone looking with bad eyes to Pakistan. His extempore and impromptu speech based on well researched data and arguments helped him to land in the list of charismatic leaders who own foresight and provision to yield spirit the corps among world countries. The speech was precisely divided into four arguments which highlighted the problems that have been confronted by the world today. These issues were climate change, corruption and money laundering, Islamophobia and the Kashmir conundrum.
To begin with, the Prime Minister of Pakistan draws the attention of the world leaders towards the severity and asperity emanating from climate change. He urged the world community to take cooperated and coordinated efforts to take the bull of climate change by horns. He also highlighted that reports from climate change are painting bleak picture for human survival. Pakistan is among the top ten affectees of climate change, despite contributing a little amount in carbon footprint. Thus he called on the world community to take urgent measures if this malaise is to be remedied. Moving needle to the second point, Imran Khan highlighted the need to contain and halt the vicious practices of corruption and money laundering. He exemplified this argument by quoting Pakistan in this regard. He said that leadership in Pakistan when in the helm of affairs, looted and siphoned off the public money and sent to mostly European countries in the form of offshore companies. This practice enhances the gap between the poor and the rich and brings a stumbling block in the way of progress and development among the third world and developing countries. Therefore, PM itched the world leaders to ensure sustainable endeavours to kibosh this venal and bribable practice. Following the strategy of one page ism would be productive to dismantle developing world from snare of money laundering.
Moreover and more importantly, Imran Khan clarified the fallacy of the concept Islamophobia before the world community. It is undoubted that he deftly and dexterously presented the case of religion Islam and its true preachers and followers. He was of the view that the term Islamic terrorism is based on the false notion that Islam teaches extremism and fundamentalism. He further elaborated that if a Muslim around the globe commit this vicious act, it has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. On the other hand, Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, pacifism and parity. Prophet (PBUH) is the practical example of such phenomenal teachings. In addition to his argument, he pointed out the terrorist and extremist acts carried out in India, Sri Lanka and other parts of the world, which surely not implies that Hinduism or any other religion teaches such nefarious acts. No religion favours such act which creates human miseries and pain. An act of individual must not be linked with his respective religion. There should be a respect for others religion which is imperative for peaceful co-existence. The severity of Islamophobia can be gauged that around the globe, a woman is allowed to take off her clothes but is not allowed to wear the hijab (veil) because she can be threat of security to the respective country. Thus, our respected Prime minister urged the world that around 1.5 billion Muslims are living in the world and are preaching their religion which is peaceful in nature, should not be labelled with such derogatory remarks and asked to refrain from committing blasphemous acts.
Lastly, the Prime Minister also elaborated in detail about the ongoing conflagration and hidden skirmishes between the two neighbours – India and Pakistan. He narrated that once the PTI government has taken the power corridors, they have time and again extended the olive branch to India but the sordid India, so called flag bearer of democracy, has put the pacifism on the back burner. Despite Indian nefarious and proven acts of extremism in Karachi and Balochistan — example of Kalbhushan Yadav — Pakistan has always desired to enhance trade links, alleviate poverty and overhaul health system. However, the revocation of Articles 370 and 35-A by Indian Hitler Modi is a last nail in a coffin of Pakistan’s patience and tolerance. Now is the time for the UN to intervene in this matter and try to resolve the Kashmir issue in accordance with the aspiration of people. So far the UNSC has passed nine resolutions to carry out plebiscite in Kashmir. If the UN will fail to resolve the issues between the two nuclear States and India will continue her fascist tactics, Pakistan will leave with no other option but to retaliate. The PM intimated the world community that the Modi and RSS are leading this issue to a point of no return. Do something tangible, before it gets too late.
— The writer is a freelance columnist based in Quetta.

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