Indian war hysteria


India continues to whip up war hysteria with its Army and Air Chiefs once again resorting to threatening tone against Pakistan. In an interview, Indian Army Chief General Bipin said they will cross the Line of Control through air, land or both if needed.
Actually, the Indian military and civilian leadership is resorting to such war mongering and jingoism in order to divert attention from the current situation in occupied Kashmir where they have clamped an indefinite curfew since 5th August. Nonetheless, the whole world is witness to what happened in February early this year. It was the Shaheens of Pakistan Air Force which delivered a bloody nose to the Indian fighter jets and shot down two of their aircraft and arrested one of their pilots. They should not be mistaken as they will meet the same fate if they again dared to cross the border as Pakistan’s battle hardened forces are fully capable to defend the motherland and the entire nation stands at their back to thwart any aggression. Having said so, we understand that the Indian belligerent posture should be a matter of great concern for the whole international community. As very aptly pointed by Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address to the UN General Assembly, if a war broke out between the two nuclear neighbours, the consequences of it will go far beyond the borders. Already the fascist and racist government in India has put the regional peace and security at stake by revoking the special status of occupied Kashmir and now its belligerent attitude amounts to fanning the fire. The fact of the matter is that war is not in the interest of both Pakistan and India and this is something that the Indian leadership must realize if it really wants to steer its people out of poverty and backwardness. Major capitals especially Washington should come forward and use its influence to defuse the current tension in the region before it is too late. Solution only lies in granting right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people, the promise of which was made by the United Nations. Otherwise, two nuclear neighbours will always remain in the confrontation mode.

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