Real friends …? | By Jubel D’Cruz,


Real friends …?

WITH ample presence of social networking sites these days such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin and Twitter, it becomes much easier to be connected to people from the other side of the world than it used to be earlier.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you will become friends or be connected virtually to people from the other side of the continent.

However, friends, particularly in Facebook and friends in real life are quite different. On Facebook, your friends’ list may contain people whom you are completely oblivious to.

These are, in fact, virtual friends. You have no clue about them and neither do they have any clue about you.

This is due to a certain section of people on Facebook today who simply keep on adding friends just to have a large number of acquaintances in his or her friends’ list.

They do this in order to become famous virtually. Wouldn’t anyone find it a bit awkward if you’re barely into working life but have so-called friends from around the world who are entrepreneurs and as such?

Unfortunately, these are usually the ones who are the victims of malice and scams on the Internet.

They accept friends’ requests without checking the other person’s profile or background. In fact, these are the ones who the criminals enjoy targeting.

A naïve, attention-seeking person is the easiest target. Even though you may have hundreds or even thousands of friends on Facebook, nothing can beat ‘one’ real friend.

Unlike on Facebook, real friends will help you out anytime, anywhere and anyhow. “A friend in need is a friend indeed!

” so goes the saying. Real friends are real individuals whom you see face-to-face and have a conversation with.

On Facebook, you are not seeing each other, as it is nothing but a virtual conversation. It is rather sad that there are netizens who claim that their Facebook friends are their best friends.

A Facebook friend is not a friend. A friend is not someone who just comments on your rant or a picture of your dog.

A real friend calls you up when you’re sick or when you’re sad. A friend is someone who lives far away, but still finds time to visit you.

Or a friend is someone who refuses to move too far away from you despite their plans or desires.

A real friend is someone who buys you a Christmas gift and gives it to you on Christmas, not someone who sends you an e-card.

A friend is not a digital text but a face and a hug and tears and smiles and real laughter, not LOL’s.

A friend is someone who wants to remain your friend, even when you lose common interests or common geography or common ground. A friend is someone you can chat with about movies or other interesting topics.

A friend is someone who asks how you are before telling you about themselves, not someone who posts their daily minutiae on your “wall”.

A friend is someone who gives everything and asks for nothing. Not someone who simply telephones you or sends you an email when they want something.

A friend is someone who’s happy to sit by your side and do nothing but just hear you talk. A real friend is someone you’re really lucky to have. A friend is someone you know with your heart and not your keyboard.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Mumbai, India

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