Rasheed hints at ban on PML-N


Observer Report


Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed lashed out at former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, hinting that the PML-N may be banned as its leaders continue to “speak the language of the enemy.”
“Your political funeral will come from London. Your politics will not thrive in Pakistan now,” said the federal minister, speaking at a news conference in Lahore on Saturday.
He said that if the PML-N continues to “speak the language of the enemy” then it should be banned. “I cannot issue [a notification to ban the PML-N], Nawaz has strangled his own politics. He is a student of Zia-ul-Haq’s academy, is a product of GHQ gate number 4. Never was he a student leader,” said Rasheed.
The railways minister said that he knew about a secret meeting between Nawaz Sharif and another personality that took place in Istanbul’s Renaissance Hotel, but refrained from revealing more.
“Nawaz Sharif, I know about the meeting at Hotel Renaissance in Istanbul [that took place] at 11:20,” he said, putting a finger to his lips. “I am not allowed to speak on it. And I have prohibited myself from speaking about it.”
The railways minister challenged the PML-N to resign from the assemblies if they are serious in their campaign against the government. “Hand in your resignations. You will know where you stand,” he said.
Rasheed said that Nawaz was playing a dangerous game against the Pakistan Army, slamming the former prime minister of towing the line of international powers by tarnishing the image of the armed forces.
“Do they think governments go because of jalsas?” asked Sheikh Rashid.

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