Rare birds’ hunting continue; Wildlife Dept stays closed eyed


Our Correspondent


Hunters and poachers are prowling the Lake District of Badin and trapping and killing of rare species of the migratory and other birds prevails every day as the Wildlife Department stays closed eyed to create a room for the illegal hunters.
Like every past year, winter hunting has started in several areas of the district Badin, while the most targeted birds are common coot, purple gallinule, Flamingo, shed duck, black-bellied duck, snowy egrets and other rarer migratory birds, and stated to be illegal for preying.
The sources told that the local influential people are trapping and killing migratory birds from different smaller or larger lakes of district Badin including Jakhaji, Bareji, Perhil, Dafferi, Shakoor Lake and others. It is pertinent to mention that millions of migratory and wild birds from Russia, Siberia and other central Asian states migration towards Pakistani lakes every year at the onset of winter usually starting in November.
These birds leave their homeland and move thousands of miles away as an escape from icy winter and food scarcity. Unfortunately, they are not safe even here because of the illegal hunters and apathetic attitude of Wildlife department and these rare species of migratory birds were being hunted down at any sphere easily.
Netting and hunting of these migratory birds, both for recreation and for trade purposes were very common in every part of district almost. The influential people hailing from different areas of the district come here for hunting and poaching of precious species and they do it on daily basis for the pleasure by violating the hunting rules and regulations.
The hunted birds are being sold openly in the towns and cities including Badin, Kadhan, Behdmi, Bhugra Memon, Ahmed Rajo, Seerani, Nindo, Tando Bago, Shadi Large, Luwari Shari and others towns on the cost of Rs 300 to Rs. 1000 each according the size and its weight.
Source also mentioned that somewhere the poachers are more powerful because of their affiliation with politicians.
` Despite a clear and comprehensive law regarding this matter, several poachers, especially the local influential continue to do illegal hunting and poaching of migratory birds as these hunted birds are being sold under the protection of local authorities of the department.

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