Ramazan package distributed


Former District Nazim Attock Malik Sameen Khan along with his team of philanthropists distributed Ramzan Ration Packages among 700 deserving and needy families at village Gharibwal.

Each Ration pack contained 17 items which include flour , ghee , sugar , dates and thirteen other kitchen items.

Beside this five sewing machines were given away to needy women of the area , medicines worth Rs 0.5 million were donated to local Dispensary, schools bags , text books were given to 40 poor students .

Former Naib Nazim Malik Sameen Khan said that in today’s price hike era it was religious and social responsibility of the well to do people to help the poor .

Meanwhile, A widow resident of village Domel has alleged that her son has been kidnapped by her opponents over property dispute but police were reluctant to take any action.

Kishwar Jan widow of Dadu Khan told newsmen that her opponents had earlier tortured his family members and made nude video of her kidnapped son. She said that Basal police were informed about the kidnapping of her son Siraj Gul but no action had been taken .

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