Ramazan bazaars real relief to public: DC

Staff Reporter

On the directions of the Punjab government, basic necessities are available to the consumers at cheapest rate in Ramazan bazaars, even less than the official market prices.

In Ramazan Bazaars basin, lemon, dates, tomatoes, gram pulse and other items are being sold at lower prices.

This was stated by Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali while visiting various Ramazan bazaars of the city and reviewing availability, quality and prices of the items.

The DC went Riaz Shahid Chowk Islamnagar, Millat Road near Star Petroleum, Akbar Chowk Gulistan Colony and other bazaars and inspected availability of items at fruit, vegetable, grocery, flour, sugar, meat, poultry and other stalls and urged the stall holders to highlight the prices of the general markets along with the prices of Ramadan bazaars, so the consumers could be known about the difference of prices.

Comparing the government rates in the general market and the prices of some essential commodities in the Ramadan bazaars, he said that basin is being sold at Rs130 per kg in the general market and Rs98 per kg in the Ramadan bazaar.

Likewise the price of one kg lemon is Rs245 in the open market and Rs185 in Ramadan bazaars, Gram pulse Rs125 and Rs94, Iranian date Rs225 and Rs 170 per kg, tomatoes Rs53 and Rs40 per kg, lehsen Rs95 and 70, guava Rs80 and 60 Rs, Apple are being sold at Rs160 and Rs120 per kg, banana at Rs140 and Rs105, potatoes at Rs44 and Rs33 and onions at Rs23 per kg in the general market and Rs 17 per kg in Ramazan bazaars.