Rally held against unprecedented food inflation

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

The youth of Mardan Youth Parliament came out on the streets against the rising inflation in Mardan. They chanted slogans against the government. The general secretary of Mardan Youth Parliament Syed Sher Shah Bacha was leading the protest demonstration.

The protestors were also carrying placards in their hands with anti-inflation slogans written on them. Youth Parliament General Secretary Syed Sher Shah Bacha, Abbas Khan, Ghulam Habib, Faisal Bakhtiar, Haider Mayar, Umair Shah, Sulaiman Zahoor, Azam Khan and general body members participated in the protest in large numbers. While doing so, the speakers said that the back-breaking inflation in Mardan has made the life of the poor people miserable.

The huge increase in flour prices has forced the poor people to commit suicide. Speakers said that the government is running behind the seat war while the poor are yearning for two-time bread. The speakers further said that the price control committee of the administration in Mardan has failed to control the prices of food items and has left the poor people at the mercy of profiteers. He demanded the government and administration to control the rising prices of food items and have mercy on the poor people.