Raja Azhar write letter to MD water board on water shortage



PTI Member Sindh Assembly Raja Azhar wrote a letter to MD Water Board, and inquired about water shortage in his constituency on Monday.

In the letter, the MPA said that department’s indifference regarding water supply in Korangi is worrisome.For the past two years, the water problem remains the same for the residents of Korangi PS 97. Azhar said that Korangi is currently ruled by elements that run illegal hydrants.Hours should be fixed in the areas where water is available.

The PTI legislature pointed out that the water line often breaks on Korangi Causeway, and due to the broken water line, the sewer water is reaching the houses. The use of unhealthy water is making people suffer from serious diseases. Water board is getting funds but people are not getting water. Where and how are the funds received by the department being spent? MD Water Board solve water supply problem in Korangi on emergency basis, he asked.