Railways outsources two trains to rein in losses



Staff Reporter

Pakistan Railway (PR) on Thursday handed over Sir Syed Express and Mehran Express to private sector in to provide better facilities to passengers and minimise widening losses to the public entity.

According to a notification issued by the Pakistan Railways (PR), Sir Syed Express and Mehran Express have been handed over under the control of private sector.

It is notified that from July 5, Mehran Express and From July 9, Sir Syed Express will be running under the control of private sector.

The Pakistan Railways authorities have clarified that the private sector will only sell tickets and check on the said trains, while the engine, driver, the guard will be looked after by the Pakistan Railways (PR) administration.

On the other hand, the private sector has initiated the booking process by increasing ticket prices by 50 percent.

Last year, the Pakistan Railways had decided to outsource commercial management of eight passenger trains to the private sector.

The railway department had sought proposals from the private sector for the outsourcing of commercial management of the passenger trains.

The trains include Karachi-Rawalpindi Sir Syed Express, Karachi-Havelian Hazara Express, Karachi-Lahore Shalimar Express, Lahore-Mari Indus Mianwali Express, Lahore-Sialkot Narowal Passenger, Karachi-Mirpur Khas Mehran Express, Lahore-Multan Moenjo Daro Express and Lahore-Multan Badar Express.

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