Railways completes rehabilitation of China Creek Bridge



Pakistan Railways has completed the rehabilitation work of China Creek Bridge connecting Karachi City Station via Kemari via Karachi Monkey Yard, which will significantly improve the freight service and revenue of the department. A long alternative route was used to keep the bridge inactive.

At the time of inactivity, only 6 girders of this 1238 feet or 379 m long bridge consisting of 39 grids were usable, 25 needed repair and 8 were unusable. The restoration work of the bridge has been done using the resources of Pakistan Railways and no separate grant has been allocated from the federal government in this regard.

Muhammad Hanif Gul, Divisional Superintendent, Karachi, congratulated all the officers, employees and laborers involved in the maintenance work of the bridge and said that the rehabilitation of China Creek Bridge has created direct link between Kamari and Karachi City. I will have a significant increase.

Asif Matin Zaidi, Additional General Manager (Infrastructure), visited China Creek Bridge with the concerned officers this morning and inspected it in detail. The first up train from Kemari via China Creek Bridge is expected to depart in the next few days.

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