Rahul Gandhi takes a jibe at Modi


New Delhi

Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi continued with his relentless attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, referring to him as “Surrender Modi” for backing off in the face of the Ladakh clash between the Indian and Chinese troops that took place earlier this week. Taking to Twitter, Gandhi shared an article criticising Modi’s foreign policy and how his government had dealt with China. “Narendra Modi Is actually Surender Modi,” he tweeted. With his excessive personalization of policy and stubborn strategic naivete, Modi has shown himself not as the diplomatically deft strongman he purports to be. A fierce hand-to-hand border skirmish between an estimated 600 soldiers belonging to the two most populous countries of the world, India and China, resulted in the killing of at least 20 Indian soldiers. China accused Indian soldiers of crossing the border and attacking its troops. India denied the allegations and said that Chinese soldiers had crossed into the poorly-demarcated LAC and captured area that belonged to India. Though both sides have expressed the desire to resolve the dispute amicably, tensions persist in Ladakh with both armies bolstering their presence in the area and China refusing to back down from its position. — Agencies