Rahu demands judicial inquiry into water shortage


A sitting Sindh minister demanded on Friday a judicial inquiry into the provision of less water to the province than its allotted quota by the Indus River System Authority (Irsa), which led to water shortage there.

Provincial Agriculture Minister Ismail Rahu, while addressing a press conference held the federal government responsible for committing for “such a great injustice to Sindh” and for the “destruction of the agriculture” in the province.“A judicial inquiry should be held into the issue of provision of less water to Sindh.

Water is not being released to Sindh even for the early kharif season,” Rahu told reporters. “It’s a great injustice to Sindh but the prime minister is silent,” he added

The minister claimed that Irsa had admitted to the water scarcity, but blamed the Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) for the shortage. “How is it possible for Wapda to impose its decisions?” he asked.

“Irsa has made a big blunder in water distribution.”Responding to a question about the complaints raised by Balochistan, the minister said that water share of Balochistan had not been stolen by Sindh, rather the federal government was responsible for the scarcity of water.

Besides Sindh, the minister said, water shortage also existed in Khyber Pakhtunkwa and South Punjab but no one was holding asking questions to Irsa about it.

“Government spokesmen are lying about providing surplus water to Sindh,” he charged.


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