Quantum words and knowledge energy


Anees Akhtar

THE words of all knowledge preserved in books, art and technology are quantum in nature and their energy is wide spread in human intelligence. It is also wide spread in the universe as particles of infinite intelligence. These quantum words of knowledge are perceived into human intelligence through five senses. After getting proliferated into the brain and heart, this energy of words purifies the circulating blood in the body. It also purifies and energizes the whole body organs and muscles by their big energy fields affecting each body cell. Intelligence produced by the quantum of words, makes us wise and harmonize with societies.
As we know, the human mind and body structure are built like a complex machine. This machine needs solid food and water for digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion. This body also needs spiritual and quantum energy of words and knowledge to harmonize and logicalize with environment and societies, This energy of words and knowledge also helps to maintain our inner homeostasis, metabolism and intrinsic chemical reactions. The energy helps us make our inner and outer balance in our complex human machine. In human civilization, this knowledge energy of quantum words has been preserved in form of books, art, technology, music, paintings, sculptors, and also in form of spiritual and ethical knowledge.
When human mind reads or perceives a word or voice from a great book or coherent speeches these words, due to their electrical or quantum nature produce turbulence or self-talk within mind and heart, this turbulence and self-talk produces a logic within the mind & heart, which makes this machine logical and harmonious to its internal and outer environment. This energy after proliferation into the brain and heart, merges into the blood chemistry of this human machine.
This spiritual cleaning of human machine makes us wise and honest and compatible to the societies and environments and as whole with great universal structure. If any of us is holding confusion or impurities in thoughts and heart, we ought to dig deeper into the science, art, musical, and spiritual knowledge to get rid of all the confusion and impurities from our mind, heart and soul to empower our inner and outer balance which is very important for human dignity, purity and personal growth. This is the only way to personal growth and universal exploration.
This will bring peace, prosperity, curiosity and creativity in the societies. It is our social and moral duty to promote good educational and research institutions, global wide spread system of digital and physical libraries to build great human civilization. We should promote and build great scientific and literacy platforms for our youngsters where they can practise and perform their unique literacy, scientific and creative talent to manifest themselves in this challenging world.
— The writer is freelance columnist, based in UK.