Qatar Vision 2030 | By Zulkafil Hassan Khan


Qatar Vision 2030

QATAR is now the land of wonders and financial hub. It is one of the ideal destinations of lavish hospitality. It reflects the true spirit of harmony and tolerance.

Successful holding of FIFA World Cup has further enhanced its strategic importance, scope and utility not in the GCC, MENA, but also in greater world.

It has actually changed the concept of cultural diplomacy, hospitality, tourism, multiculturalism and bio-diversity in the world.

Its national economy is stable and future prospects are sustainable. However, the future of Qatar’s macro-economy depends on further diversification of economy, energy resources, widespread social development, foreign direct investment, SMEs and above all human resource development.

Its Vision 2045 stands for rigorous structural reforms, qualitative development, modernization, activation of private sector, eradication of poverty, social development and artificial intelligence, etc, in the days to come.

On Pakistan’s part, it is the land of resilience and righteousness and home of courageous people and diversified cultures.

Its national policies are based on non-violence and non-interference. The future of further enhancing of bilateral relations between Pakistan and Qatar are bright, positive, diversified and sustainable.

Pakistan attaches high importance to the regional and strategic position of Qatar in the Middle East and appreciates its leading role in Muslim world today.

Pakistan is very keen to further strengthen and diversify these relations in all fields with Qatar.

Now, Pakistan and Qatar have agreed to transform their bilateral relations into mutually beneficial economic partnership.

Pakistan has invited Qatar’s investment in the energy, infrastructure and agriculture sectors.

Qatar has assured that it would continue to support Pakistan. Qatar also assures its full support to Pakistan’s efforts in facilitating peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

Qatar National Vision 2030 has been launched to serve as a clear roadmap for Qatar’s future.

It aims to propel Qatar forward by balancing the accomplishments that achieve economic growth with the human and natural resources.

This vision constitutes a beacon that guides economic, social, human and environmental development of the country in the coming decades, so that it is inclusive and helpful for the citizens and residents of Qatar in various aspects of their lives.

It has various strategic priorities including formation of a healthy and stable population, world-class education and training, effective social protection and last but not the least, authentic and transformational culture.

It has three primary themes, a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation.

Its human development pillar empowers the people of Qatar so that they will be able to sustain and support their country’s growth. This requires improvement within education, health- care and the workforce in general.

It aims to form a knowledge-based economy. It will further develop its educational sector to match and in some cases exceed best in the world.

It also aims to build a comprehensive world-class healthcare system which should be effective, affordable and universally available to all citizens.

It further consolidates its national policy of Qatarization which aims at increasing the ratio of Qataris in the workforce and to enhance the calibre of nationals through providing opportunities for betterment, including academic achievement, training and support.

It considers that social changes necessary to advance Qatar’s society. It motivates the citizens of Qatar to meet the demands of the future while preserving the institution of the family.

To conclude, Qatar Vision 2030 stands for social modernization, qualitative life, education, health-care, generation of new jobs, development of SMEs, diversification of economy and resources.

Last but not the least, it stands for green transformation in the days ahead.

—The writer is contributing columnist.