PYHA’s interactive seminar on World Tourism Day & International Day of Peace Youths’ leading role in climate awareness serves as wakeup call on world leaders


Zubair Qureshi

Youths around the world are playing backbone role in the global climate strikes urging the world leaders play their role in taking steps to combat the menace of climate change.
The big success of the global climate strikes is a warning to the leaders of the nation states and the UN agencies if they don’t play their effective role in taking measures against the climate calamity, the citizens would take affairs in their own hands to prevent further climate deterioration.
Environmentalist Munir Ahmed made these remarks while speaking at an interactive seminar here Tuesday at the Youth Hostel, organised by the Pakistan Youth Hostels Association (PYHA) to mark the International Day for Peace and the World Tourism Day.
Munir Ahmed said the theme of this year’s International Day for Peace is much relevant to the climatic conditions we are facing now.
The extreme weathers have ruined the land and livelihood of the communities across the globe, he said adding but the regimes and the leaders are busy in negating the catastrophes the people are going through. The global powers that are responsible for all the historic indifference to the mankind are playing with the future of the planet, he said.
Under these circumstances, the citizens need to take hard stance against the global leaders’ inaction because “we need climate action now.”
Munir Ahmed said integrated climate action would also help sustain the tourism potential that is the only option for many communities on the globe. Inaction would lead to further enhance the glaciers melting that would result the loss of frozen reservoirs of water, ecosystems and biospheres. It would also hamper the high altitude mountaineering and trekking.
In recent years, Pakistan Youth Hostels Association (PYHA) has played significant role in facilitating and motivating the young people across the country to visit the northern destination and creating awareness on the sustainable tourism.
He urged companies and individuals to take extra caution and take care of the natural environment of the tourist destinations they visit. The tourists he said should not destroy environment and nor should they pollute the soundings, instead, they should manage their solid waste and refrain from throwing it into the open, said Munir Ahmed.
He said the Hosteling International’s slogan “Sleep for Peace” brings a focus on the multicultural and multi-ethnic environment where the young people are made to live together and understand each other for a peaceful coexistence.
Speaking on the occasion moderator Fareha Yousaf said PYHA has always been considering youth as a prime stakeholder in every aspect of life. Through various programmes and initiatives, PYHA has been engaging youth in different outdoor activities besides providing the secure and affordable accommodation, said she.

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