PRCS provides first aid to 100 earthquake victims; shifts dozens to hospitals


Staff Reporter

The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) is actively taking part in relief and rescue operations following a devastating 5.8 earthquake that hit Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday, killing around two dozen people and injuring nearly 400.
The PRCS first aid teams were mobilized with 15 minutes the calamity hit Azad Jammu and Kashmir districts. Thirty first aid responders from Bhimber, Kotli and Mirpur district offices immediately reached the affected areas and launched rescue and relief operations in collaboration and coordination with the district administration and AJK State Disaster Management Authority. Four ambulances from PRCS National Headquarters were immediately dispatched to Mirpur along with necessary medicines and other relief items.
The PRCS ambulances provided first aid to over 100 injured and shifted dozens other to nearby hospitals in Mirpur, sharing the major workload of rescuing a total of around 400 injured people. Dozens of inured people were provided first aid alongside roads by the PRCS teams and subsequently shifted to the hospitals. The PRCS ambulances also shifted several of the injured who were trapped as the main Mirpur-Jatlan road split up due to the tremors.
Among the injured shifted by the PRCS to hospitals, 29 were fracture cases with broken bones while the rest had bleeding wounds, mostly head injuries caused by the falling debris.
The ambulances carried necessary medical supplies, including bandages, slings, anti-biotic medicines and painkillers which were administered to the injured people, saving many lives due to timely medical attention.

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