Punjab’s people-oriented moves


TRUE to his reputation, Punjab Chief Minister Ch Pervez Elahi has launched a number of initiatives for the welfare of the people in a short span of time.

The latest is the lifting of a ban on recruitment in Government offices, which has the potential to ease life of thousands of people if proper procedure was adopted to hire people purely on merit.

The ban on recruitment is imposed on the pretext of financial constraints and to bring down non-developmental expenditure but all such moves proved counter-productive in the past as influential people always succeeded in securing jobs for their blue-eyed people despite the ban and induction of Sifarish culture badly impacted upon the performance and delivery of different ministries and departments.

Therefore, while welcoming the decision to begin recruitment against vacant posts, we hope the process would be carried out in a highly transparent and fair manner and the posts would not be filled with well-connected people at the cost of competent ones.

People of Punjab have also appreciated the decision of the CM to create five new districts in Punjab, which also means creation of thousands of vacancies in different cadres.

Another revolutionary measure initiated by Ch Pervaiz Elhi is ‘Go Punjab App’ under which citizens are provided services online at their homes and now citizens would not have to go to offices for getting token tax, driving license, death and birth certificates, marriage certificate and other services.

Here again, we would recommend that officials with proven integrity and honesty should be deployed to run the programme successfully as per the intentions of the CM.


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