Punjab top cop refutes torture allegations on PTI worker Ali Bilal, links death with ‘accident’


LAHORE – The caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi and Inspector General of Police Dr Usman Anwar trashed the torture allegations on PTI worker Ali Bilal who died in police custody during violent clashes between police and PTI workers.

The top provincial officials held a presser in Lahore amid outrage and maintained that Ali Bilal, known as Ziley Shah, succumbed to injuries due to a car accident, turning down the speculations peddled by the former ruling party.

Dr. Usman quoting evidence claimed that it was an accident, saying no law enforcement personnel attempted to kill the victim. He maintained that the accused even tried to save victim by taking him to the hospital.

IGP called the viral videos misleading to negatively portray the police and Punjab government, adding the vehicle involved in the accident was filmed in scores of surveillance cameras.

Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi followed IGP, reiterating evidence to shut down the accusations. The media mogul cleared the air that the provincial administration has nothing to do with the killing of Ali Bilal, calling on PTI to refrain from levelling baseless allegations.

Ali Bilal died while several PTI activists were injured as the caretaker government baton charge workers to block the rally called by PTI chief Imran Khan ahead of elections. Bilal  aka Ziley Shah was among the workers detained during the crackdown between PTI workers and Punjab police.

Amid outrage, former PM and PTI chief Imran claimed that video clearly shows that Ali Bilal was alive when taken to police station, and was killed while in police custody due to the murderous bent of the present regime and Punjab police.

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