Saudi Arabia and Iran agree to reset ties with China’s help        


TEHRAN/RIYADH – Arch rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to rekindle ties under a deal facilitated by Beijing, ending a major geopolitical rivalry.

The oil giants remained at loggerheads however the surprising halt in unabated tensions comes from Beijing which helped the two countries to discuss diplomatic missions within two months.

Riyadh ended all kinds of relations with Tehran seven years back when agitators stormed its embassy in Tehran after the execution of a Shia cleric in the Arab nation. Tensions between the two sides continue to increase until Beijing played its role.

China’s senior diplomat Wang Yi termed the deal a victory for dialogue and peace, assuring to continue the constructive role in addressing unsolved global issues.

In previous years, the two sides even backed insurgents in rival sides, especially in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq – and in Yemen; Houthi rebels got the back of Tehran.

As the two decided to end tensions, the current deal was now commended by several nations, with experts calling it a major step to bolster regional security. In the coming months, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will remain vigilant in financial matters with Iran in wake of US sanctions on the Middle Eastern nation.

Both sides are expected to reopen embassies in the coming months and implement security and economic cooperation deals.

With the beginning of the new chapter in the region, experts predicted the end of Washington’s domination in the Middle East.