Punjab Revenue Authority shows record growth



Staff Reporter

We have facilitated the taxpayer and adopted a collaborative approach for tax collection to record highest revenue collected by any provincial revenue authority, claimed Punjab Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht on Thursday.

According to provisional collection figures, the Punjab Revenue Authority has collected Rs144.20 billion in 2020-21, recording a growth of 32.8% over the previous year. This is by far the highest collection by any Provincial Revenue Authority in any financial year.

PRA’s collection in June stands at Rs15.47 billion with a remarkable growth of 63.3% over last June.

After surpassing its original target of Rs125 billion in just eleven months, the PRA has now surpassed the revised target as well. This figure is expected to increase further once the accounts has finalized.

This performance, despite giving unprecedented relief in tax rates, proves that the Punjab Government’s policy on tax collection through facilitation of and collaboration with all stakeholders is bearing fruit, said Hashim Jawan Bakht.

“We have done away with the confrontational mindset and treat taxpayers as our partners in progress and the figures prove the success of this strategy,” he added

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