LWMC ready to place 6,000 new waste containers in City: Yasmin



Staff Reporter

To maintain the compatibility with the problem of “lack of resources”, LWMC has decided to achieve its goals stepwise. In this regard, LWMC has procured 6,000 new containers to be placed across the city.

LWMC conducted a special handing over ceremony for the distribution of new containers for Data Gunj Bakhsh Town. Punjab Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid graced the ceremony with her presence.

While talking to the media, Dr Yasmin Rashid said that LWMC is about to provide 6000 garbage containers to nine towns of the City and the initiative has taken its first action by providing the 950 containers to DGBT town.

LWMC has identified the points and shared a deployment plan of these new containers.

Keeping in view the waste collection from different areas and points, these new containers are of two different sizes i.e. 0.8 cubic meter and 5 cubic meter.

Initially 8,000 containers were placed in the city for the proper disposal of waste and currently 3,000 containers were available in the field. As per the total waste t containers will prove to be very effective in the reduction of garbage.

Minister for Health Dr Yasmeen Rashid has appreciated the efforts of the CEO LWMC Rafia Haider and said that “the LWMC is getting new heights and zeal in its planning and strategies.

I believe, the revitalization of the LWMC will be very beneficial for the Lahorites. LWMC is continuously striving for the better standard for its functions, she continued.

Cleanliness has direct implications over health, hence; the clean environment is the necessary thing for the sound society.

On 15 July, 2021 the LWMC will take its next move, which is; the availability of new machinery which are purchased according to the rules and regulations of the PPRA. After that, uniforms and shoes will be delivered to the workers of the LWMC.

Delivery of more than 2000 hand carts is also the part of plan for the field workers in all the towns.

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