Punjab ready to hold local body polls in February

Faisal Khawer Butt

Provincial Minister for Local Government Punjab Mian Mahmood Al-Rasheed has said that the PTI government is improving the performance and services of local bodies to improve the living standards of the people.

He said this while addressing a news conference held at Committee Room, DC Office, Sialkot.

Provincial Minister Chaudhry Muhammad Akhlaq, PTI leader, Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas and Amir Dar were also present.

He further said that he is visiting all the cities to understand the issues and governance. He siad that PTI will be ready for the local body elections in Punjab in February.

He said that in Kashmir and by-elections, PTI has achieved great success in Central and by winning the upcoming local body, cantonment and general elections, PTI will emerge as a major party.

Mian Mahmood Rashid said that the statement of Nawaz Sharif and his followers has been widely publicized, the people of Kashmir and Central Punjab have rejected the anti-national rhetoric of the PML-N, which has led to their failures.

He said that cracks have appeared within the Muslim League due to this anti-national statement and no defeat could save the PML-N in the coming elections due to its anti-national rhetoric.

He said that PTI would emerge as a strong and largest party in the country in the next elections.

He said that the Chief Minister had announced a package for all the districts and after reviewing the ongoing development projects under the district package, he would expedite the work on them.

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