Punjab govt taking all possible steps to provide resources to farmers

Staff Reporter

Increase in wheat production is the need of the hour. The average production of wheat in Sheikhupura district is 37 mand per acre which can be increased to 40 mand per acre through hard work, attention and modern production technology.

Wheat crop was cultivated on 513,000 acres in Sheikhupura which yielded 681,000 metric tons during last year.

I hope that this year more area will be brought under wheat cultivation in Sheikhupura district. This was viewed by Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi while addressing a seminar organized for awareness of wheat farmers in Sheikhupura district.

He further said that the target for wheat cultivation in Punjab province has been set at 16.7 million acres this year.

It is taking steps to ensure food security at the national level. He said that the farmers are being instructed to emphasize on the recommendations of the Department of Agriculture, use of nutritious fertilizers and use of certified seeds to maximize the yield of wheat Cultivate.

This year 1 million bags of approved varieties of wheat are being provided at a subsidy of Rs. 1200 per bag and a total of 10 million acres of approved varieties of wheat are being sown. Farmers’ Day is also being organized.

He further said that the National Program for Increasing Wheat Production per Acre with a significant amount of Rs. 12.59 is being implemented and under this program, more than Rs. 1 billion in modern agricultural machinery and other agricultural inputs are being provided on subsidy.

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