Punjab getting new look


IN what could be called an innovative step, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar inaugurated the Khidmat Aap Ki Dehleez Par (Service at your doorsteps) program and launched the Khidmat App on Monday.

In his remarks on the occasion, the Punjab Chief Minister said this program would improve the service delivery mechanism along with provision of facilities at grassroots level. It, he said, is a unique governance model to benefit the people.

Under the program, bazaars and localities would be cleaned and solid waste would be removed from roads.

Similarly banners and wall calking will be removed and the dysfunctional streetlights will also be repaired.

Special attention would be paid to improve drainage and water supply facilities. Sewerage pipes would be cleaned and open manholes would be covered. The program also envisages beautification of parks, greenbelts and so on.

Indeed this is a very comprehensive initiative which, if implemented in letter and spirit, will change the landscape of the province.

Such work has never been the focus of successive governments, and even the solid management system that was put in place in big cities had almost become dysfunctional.

The system of sewerage running in parallel with the water pipelines is also before everybody.

To make this program a success, the provincial government will really have to wake-up the departments concerned and their staff from the deep slumber, who really do not care to perform their duties.

At the same time, they will have to be equipped with the necessary equipment and vehicles to discharge their duties.

Most importantly, this work should not remain confine to the big cities only but attention must also be paid to the towns and villages where sanitation and sewerage systems are nonexistent.

Whilst the civil society should become part of this drive aimed at bringing improvement in the living standards of the people, it is also important for the people themselves to personally monitor whether or not’ Khidmat Aap Ki Dehleez Par’ is reaching their areas. If not, then they should lodge complaints at the Khidmat App.

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