Punjab cabinet pays special prayers to APS martyred



Chief Minister Punjab ChaudhryParvezElahi presided over 6th provincial cabinet meeting at CM Office today in which special prayer was made for the martyrs of APS Peshawar and rich tributes were paid to the great sacrifice of the martyrs.

The Punjab cabinet accorded principle approval to complete the underground Masstransit system for Lahore and approval was also granted to incorporate underground blue-line and purple-line and Masstransit project in the Annual Development Programme. Approval was also accorded during the meeting to decrease 50 percent in the unit rates of ownership rights for giving land to the landless farmers in Cholistan.

The landless farmers of Cholistan and agriculture will be greatly benefitted with this step of the Punjab government. Approval was also granted to grant exemption value-added tax for the ambassadors and consulates. CM ParvezElahi stated that he did not want to ruin Lahore like Shehbaz Sharif and would introduce the underground train system. Blue-line, Purple-line and Masstransit project will be launched with the cooperation of Asian Development Bank adding that this project will be built on BOT basis and not a single penny of Punjab government will be spent on it.

Underground Masstransit system will be built from Valencia to KalmaChowk, Liberty Chowk, DataDarbar up to Airport. 8 big stations of the Orange Line will also be developed. The cabinet also granted approval to the P&D Board and Transport Department to hold negotiations for getting technical assistance and financing with the Asian Development Bank. The Punjab cabinet accorded approval to make inductions in the health department from grade 5 to grade 15 and make contract inductions in the PKLI Lahore. Principle decision was also taken to induct teachers on 600 vacant posts in order to fulfil shortage of teachers in colleges.

The cabinet also accorded approval to lift the ban on making inductions in Government College University Faisalabad. Approval was also accorded to provide cancer treatment facilities in Children Hospital Lahore along with hospitals of Faisalabad and Gujrat.

Approval was also granted during the cabinet meeting to introduce latest ever cancer treatment cyber knife technology and introduced Linear Accelerator for cancer treatment in the for the hospitals of Gujrat and Faisalabad and Children Hospital Lahore.