Public universities open in cold climate areas, genders separated


After a long delay, all public universities were reopened for male and female students on Saturday in cold climate areas across the country.

The Afghan students, who have been counting the days and weeks impatiently to attend their classes, are welcoming the reopening of public universities.

“I am very happy today as the Islamic Emirate reopened our universities…”, said Razia Kamal, a student.

“Many of our instructors were absent; however, there were a couple of instructors,” said Hayatullah, a student.

The classes of male and female students are segregated and occur at different shifts, according to the instructors and students.

Earlier, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) announced that all public universities in cold areas would begin on February 26.

The MoHE said on Saturday that 19 universities and institutes were reopened for students in the cold areas of the country.

“The public universities and institutes were reopened today (Saturday),” said Ahmad Taqa, a spokesman for the MoHE.

The students at Kabul University said that the segregation of male and female classes has affected the methods of teaching.

Lack of sufficient instructors to teach the classes at two different times is another problem that the students are struggling with.

“Fortunately, girl and boy students are continuing their lessons in two different time shifts,” said Mujeeb Rahman Ahmadzai, a Kabul university instructor.

The students and instructors held ceremonies to celebrate the reopening of public universities in some provinces. “The reopening of universities is great news and a new spring,” said Badshah Zar Abadi, an instructor at Balkh University.

“I call on other students also to attend their classes on time and respect their lessons,” said Baitullah, a student of Khost University. This comes as some students expressed concerns over possible changes in textbooks, as did several departments of faculty of art in Kabul university.

Meanwhile, university students are praising the government’s decision to reopen all public universities across the country. Since the fall of the former government, public universities have remained shut for students all over the country.

“We are happy that such decisions have been made. All students have regained their hopes,” said Mohammad Saleh, a student. With the fall of the former government, many academic and high-profile individuals left the country.

Bargi Khalil, a university instructor, told TOLOnews: “There should be no change in the educational method of the Ministry of Higher Education. We don’t say that there should not be positive changes, but the former methods should continue.”

Earlier, the Islamic Emirate said it has made plans to segregate male and female students.

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