Public pressure will force dissidents to come back: Imran


Says ‘Crooks, traitors falling in trap’

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Saturday public would force the dissident PTI lawmakers to come back to their party. The prime minister, addressing the groundbreaking ceremony of the Rawalpindi Ring Road project, said: “Times have changed […] and on March 27 when PTI will stage a rally in Islamabad everyone will witness a historic gathering.”

Imran Khan said it was the duty of the people to stop the wrongdoings — a day after PTI workers stormed Sindh House in the capital where the dissident lawmakers were residing.

Imran Khan told the gathering that the Opposition’s move to file the no-confidence motion against him was a “good thing” as people could now see that money was being used “openly” to change the party loyalties. “…a market has been set up for buying the conscience of lawmakers. And the conscience is being brought illegally through the people’s money,” the prime minister said. He said that if the PPP is “buying” the loyalties of the PTI lawmakers, then it must be through the funds given to the Sindh government — “it is illegal as the people’s money cannot to used to lure in other party lawmakers”.

Imran Khan, shedding light on the incident of the Sindh House, said that “never in the history of Pakistan” has any provincial force been deployed “just to safeguard” the MNAs of other parties. “…so why did they need Sindh police over there [Sindh House]? Because illegal activities were taking place there. People have now seen their reality,” the premier said.

He said the masses have finally gotten to know the reason behind the country’s underdevelopment: “because people’s conscience is brought and they do politics just to earn illicit money.”

In the United Kingdom no politician can even consider shifting sides just for money, the prime minister said. “They are so afraid of public pressure that no one [in the UK] can do the things that are happening at the Sindh House,” Imran Khan said but noted that no one was allowed to resort to violence.

He also said that the public should also voice their opinion whether the things happening at the Sindh House was right or wrong. “And mark my words, as the no-confidence motion comes near, all those who are in talks with the Opposition will return […] as the people are angry at the lawmakers for venality,” the premier said.

Amid political turmoil in the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday shared a message for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers and supporters, assuring them that “the crooks and traitors of our country are falling in a trap”.

“Message to my workers and supporters: The crooks and traitors of our country are falling in a trap,” the premier wrote on his official Twitter handle along with a quote from renowned Sufi saint and Persian poet Shams Tabrizi. The premier’s remarks came at a time when the political temperature was at an all-time high in recent years with opposition gearing up to oust PM Imran via a no-trust vote.