Public opinion paramount for any state but there are some historical mistakes which you can’t precise: Rabbani


Former chairman senate, Raza Rabbani has said that no doubt public opinion is paramount for any state but there are some historical mistakes which you can’t precise even if you want to.

This was stated by him while addressing a seminar organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and The Intellectual’s Forum here on Sunday on the complex issues of Afghanistan and its implications.

The event was attended by the political leaders, literary personalities, governing body, and the members of the council.

Raza Rabbani said that today it seems that the Afghan war is over, but is it really over? You have seen that since the Taliban take over Afghanistan, sleeping cells have become active in Pakistan. “The United States believes that Pakistan has a hand in their defeat, but if the United States has to find the root cause, they should start an investigation with Clinton’s interview” he added.

The former chairman senate further stated that when the refugees came here, instead of stopping them, we settled them particularly in Sindh, and today, if we are thinking that they will go back, we are in a trance. Whenever there was talk of evacuating refugees, the Prime Minister said that we are under pressure.

Expressing his views on the occasion former CM of Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik Baloch said, “The question is that whether there will be peace in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of America? Afghanistan itself is a complicated region and of course, soon this circumstance is going to affect Pakistan.

The question is will Afghanistan build a democratic and federal system? Will the media be free? Today all our neighboring countries are highly disappointed with us and we are all dependent on China, and this will have a very negative impact.”

Addressing the seminar, former Mayor of Karachi and the chairman of PSP Mustafa Kamal said that in our view, the war in Afghanistan is not over.

People who are celebrating victory and defeat are not aware of the situation When 49 countries analyze themselves; they will realize why they are embarrassed over the situation.

“Since the day Kabul was conquered, the conflicts have begun in Balochistan and Waziristan. This war should not be shifted from Afghanistan to Pakistan. If we want the best for this country we should take some serious steps, we have to end the conflicts of the government and the opposition.

Millions of people have died in Karachi in the last forty years just because of the contradiction. If people still won’t own this land then we should be prepared to face the same situation as Afghans” Mr. Kamal added.

Activist Ayaz Latif Palijo said the general impression that Afghanistan is being persecuted is correct to some extent. As neighbors, all Afghanis our brothers and sisters they would never have faced these problems if they had not condemned and endured


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