KSWB’s assistant director audit found charging commission for clearing bills



Karachi Water and Sewerage Board’s (KWSB) Assistant Director (Local Fund Audit) Javed Memon is allegedly receiving illegal commission for clearing the bills, it has been revealed.

According to details, Javed Memon is reportedly clearing bills of June 2021, while his colleague auditor Syed Munawar Shah is also involved in the corruption. Sources have claimed that the Javed Memon was receiving a 2% commission from KWSB Axian and other contractors on works done in the areas or approved- contracts.

In addition, Javed Memon was charging 10 liters of petrol as bribe on each fuel bill issued to officers and government vehicles,” sources have said. Meanwhile, Javed Memon was also receiving 2% commission on medical bills related to laboratory and hospital. He also charges commissions on salary fixation and promotion cases of his employees.

Javed Memon was previously known for his corruption in the DMC Council, which easily passes bills in exchange for commissions. In addition, Syed Munawar Shah, who hails from Sindh Chief Minister’s village, has recently bought a brand new Corolla car.

In this regard, application against Syed Munawar Shah regarding assets beyond means has been filed with concerned agencies. Javed Memon has reportedly said that he also shares the commission with Amir Zia, Deputy Secretary, Finance Department, Sindh, and Saleem Bajani, Senior Private Secretary to the Chief Minister, Sindh.





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