PTI’s lawmakers visit Faizan, who injured by dacoits


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MNA Faheem Khan and MPA Raja Azhar reached hospital to visit Faizan, a 34-year-old youth who was injured in the robbery resistance in Korangi last night.

PTI lawmakers strongly condemning the incident and criticizing the Sindh government in their released video statements said that civilians are being massacred on a daily basis in Karachi due to robbery resistance.

Raja Azhar said that if street crime is not being controlled, then resign from the post, what would the police do if this citizen was the son or brother of Bilawal Zardari, Murad Ali Shah, the best people are working in the police, they should be brought forward.

The chief minister is not even able to run the system of every home minister, nothing will be done by suspending the SHO, take action against the DIGs, the situation of the citizen is alarming, if anything happens to the citizen, the chief minister will be responsible.

Faheem Khan said that just as the police were active against Azam Swati, they should be active for the protection of citizens, what was Faizan’s fault? Criminals are running rampant in the city. Where is the Shaheen Force? The killers of young Azhar Masood and those who attacked Faizan should be arrested.