PTI wants to weak country due to negative tactics, says Shazia Murri 



All the parties want to save the country and PTI wants to weaken, Shazia Murri

Federal Minister Shazia Atta Murri has said that all the parties want to save the country together and PTI wants to weaken it. Today, a big tragedy happened to PPP, Benazir Bhutto’s life is in danger. Despite this, she came back to the country, politics is a siege of thorns, and still we are doing it.

He expressed these views while talking to the media at Sukkur Airport. He said that Imran Khan got into the habit of flying around on a helicopter, he is leading the country towards default due to greed, if he was not removed, the country would have defaulted like Sri Lanka.

He said. If PTI wants to resign, then who has stopped them? After resigning, their members hold the speaker’s feet so that our salary and benefits are not cut.

Shazia Murri said that the KP government has lied down in front of the terrorists and is not able to face them. For the sake of the country’s survival, we ended the incompetent government by supporting the PDM, also bring forward the condition of the rest of the provinces that are talking about the unrest in Sindh.