PTI MPAs move PA to increase girls’ marriageable age to 18


A resolution was tabled in the Punjab Assembly to fix the age of marriage for girls at least 18 years. The resolution was jointly tabled by members of Punjab Assembly Sadia Sohail, Sameera Bukhari and Khadija Omar.
According to details, a resolution demanding setting the age of marriage for girls at least 18 years was submitted to the Punjab Assembly.
The resolution was jointly submitted by PTI members Sadia Sohail, Sameera Bukhari and Khadija Umar.
That early marriages deprive girls of basic education, early marriages are an obstacle to an educated, healthy and prosperous family.
The resolution further said that Quaid-e-Azam has also termed underage marriage as a social evil. The joint resolution demanded that the age of marriage for girls be increased from 16 to 18 years and a fundamental amendment be made in the law regarding underage marriages.
It should be noted that for men, the Islamic Ideological Council has declared it necessary to seek the permission of the first wife for a second marriage.
The report said that it is permissible to keep four wives in marriage at the same time. The government needs to reform the Muslim family law.
Reacting to the decision of the Islamic Ideological Council, some women said that if the husband fulfills the rights of one wife, then he should think of another marriage.
The second marriage is not easy. The husband should fulfill the rights of the first wife.
NGOs and other social circles have welcomed decisions of the fixing marriage age of the girls and said that it would mitigate after marriage problems in the province. Since there were lot of problems in the province due to early age marriages in South and Central Punjab.
Provisional Coordinator of Sahil an NGO, Ansar Sajjad reacting upon the decision said, “We welcome this resolution since Sindh has already fixed the marriage age 18 years for girl and boy”.
If this resolution was passed it will help to minimize problems like health and other social issues.
He said that though Quran has not told lower age limit of the girl or boy but Hadith has categorically explained this.
Secondly Pakistan is signatory to the Unite Nation Convention on the Rights of Children which was signed in 1980s. Very first article of this convention speaks about the mature age of boy or girl. It says that any person male or female below the age of 18 would be considered as child.

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